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I have known Becky Dalke for over 10 years as a friend and neighbor.  It wasn’t until I hired her to work with my husband and I to find our dream farm and sell our existing home that I really learned what kind of person she really is.  I have three horses that I had boarded and finally decided that it was time to bring them home.  We weren’t getting any younger so now was the time to become "farmers” if we were going to do it.  Becky knew nothing about what makes a good horse property but she was willing to learn whatever she needed to so that she could find us the right kind of properties to look at.


We looked at many properties and met some interesting people and places along the way.  Becky did a wonderful job on negotiating on our behalf and trying to get the deals finalized.   After two unsuccessful offers and one very difficult realtor, we finally owned 13.5 acres in Sutton, MA.  We were on our way to building our dream farm. 

The next step in the journey was the sale of the Shrewsbury house.  Becky offered advice on how to stage the house and worked with us on the pricing of the house.  At first we didn’t like the pricing she proposed.  Everyone always thinks their house is worth more that it is.  However, she was willing to work with us on some market testing with respect to pricing and see what the market tells us.  The market was difficult but Becky kept diligently working on finding us the right potential buyers; did some price adjusting and then negotiating with a couple of not so "right” buyers. Unfortunately, the market is what it is and it can bring the worst out in people but Becky managed to keep us sane in the process.


Finally in July of 2011, we got an offer (about what Becky said we would sell the house for) from a lovely family who found our home to be their next "dream” home.  It was such a wonderful feeling to sell the home we raised our family in to a family that loved everything about the house.  I truly don’t think this experience could have turned out the way it did without having Becky as our realtor.  It is extremely stressful to buy or sell a home in this market.  It takes somebody who really cares about you as a person; who is willing to put in the extra time to learn about your needs; and who is both creative and intelligent to help you on your journey.  That person is Becky Dalke.


Good luck to you buyers and sellers on finding your next dream home. May it be swift and prosperous!




Tammy & Jeff Blakeslee-Sutton, MA

As the time approached to put our home on the market, we knew one thing for sure , our realtor would be Becky Dalke. She has sold virtually every house in our neighborhood and considering the somewhat depressed market she has gotten great prices in a short time frame.


Becky came to our home and "gently" suggested what improvements we should do to make our home more marketable. She was on the mark with each and everyone of them.


Our home sold in less than five weeks!  Becky was a total pleasure to work with and kept us informed every step of the way.  She is by far the Realtor of Choice


Riz & Mary Grillo-Shrewsbury, MA